Iwai Lab Colloquium

Japanese ver.
Welcome to our colloquium!!
Each member of our group gives a talk every week.
Sometimes we invite a guest speaker from other groups, too.
We have a colloquium regularly from 13:30 Friday at the seminar room on the south side of the 3rd floor.
When we make a change of schedule or place, it is shown here.
Anyone can attend our colloquium.
Colloquium schedule of 2010
26th Nov (Fri) 13:30 Matsumoto Shogo Normal forms for perturbed MIC-Kepler problems and reduced Hamiltonians on isoenergetic orbit spaces Seminar room
19th Nov (Fri) 13:30 Yamawaki Takuya On the Classical Motion of a Charge in a Magnetic Field Seminar room
12th Nov (Fri) 13:30 Ogawa Shun Phase diagram of Quasi-stationary state in the Hamiltonian mean-field model by Landau's phenomenological theory Seminar room
29th Oct (Fri) 13:30 Sato Hiroyuki Optimization algorithms on the Grassmann manifold Seminar room
22nd Oct (Fri) 13:30 Sato Kazuhiro Configuration flatness of Lagrangian control systems Seminar room
15th Oct (Fri) 13:30 Suzuki Tatsuya Finite element method and Whitney element Seminar room
8th Oct (Fri) 15:00 Boris Zhilinskii
(Universite du Littoral)
Hamiltonian monodromy and lattice defects. From elastic pendulum to sunflower patterns. FOE No.8
Kyodo 6
1st Oct (Fri) 15:00 Kumagai Atsutoshi Stabilization of relative equilibria for underactuated systems on Riemannian manifolds. Seminar room
14th Sept (Tue) 13:30 Kiyohara Kazuyoshi
(Okayama Univ.)
Singular semi-classical approximation on Liouville surfaces Seminar room
16th July (Fri) 13:30 Tarama Daisuke Linear Stability for a Certain Class of Equilibria of an $SO(n)$ Free Rigid Body Seminar room
9th July (Fri) 13:30 Matsumoto shogo Analysis of Perturbed MIC-Kepler Problems Seminar room
2nd July (Fri) 15:00 Iwai Toshihiro A comment on a paper of Boris' Seminar room
25th June (Fri) 13:30 Yamaguchi Yoshiyuki Dynamics of perturbation around inhomogeneous backgrounds in the HMF model Seminar room
11th June (Fri) 13:30 Tanimura Shogo Parity in Differential Geometry and Theory of Electromagnetism Seminar room
4th June (Fri) 14:00 Kumagai Atsutoshi Reduction of the planer multi dynamical system and Relative equilibrium Seminar room
28th May (Fri) 13:30 Suzuki Tatsuya Introduction to Discrete Differential Geometry Seminar room
23rd May (Fri) 13:30 Yamawaki Takuya On the geometry of the Kepler problem Seminar room
14th May (Fri) 13:30 Sato Kazuhiro Linearization of nonlinear systems Seminar room
30th April (Fri) 13:30 Ogawa Shun Stability of the quasi stationary states of the Hamiltonian systems with long range interactions Seminar room
23rd April (Fri) 13:30 Sato Hiroyuki Optimization problems on the Stiefel manifold Seminar room
16th April (Fri) 15:00 Tarama Daisuke Stability Analysis for a Certain Class of Equilibria of a Generalized Free Rigid Body Seminar room

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